Sikh Referendum Campaigners Detained & Tortured In Punjab
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Request To Urgently Take Up The Pending Complaint # llwk34op Regarding Detention Of Sikh Referendum Campaigners In Punjab, India.




Number: vllwk34op - Filed Online With the Human Rights Council under Special Procedures


Dated: August 16, 2016


Filed by: Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) a human rights NGO.


Issue: Illegal And Arbitrary Detention And Torture And Other Human Rights Violations.





1.Jaspreet Singh of village Handowal, Punjab, India


2.Kuldeep Singh of Punjab, India


3.Hardeep Singh of Punjab, India


4.Vikramjeet Singh of Punjab, India


5.Balwinder Singh of Punjab, India





1.Government of India


2.Lok Nath Angra, I.G Police


3.Kuldeep S. Chahal, Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Hoshiarpur, Punjab


4.Kulwant Singh, Superintendent of Police (SP), Hoshiarpur, Punjab


5.Hardip Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Chabbewal, Punjab.


6.Sukhamrit Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Investigation, Hoshiarpur, Punjab.


7.Kulwindar Singh, Station House Officer (SHO), Police Station, Chabbewal, Punjab




I urge the UN Human Rights Council to urgently take notice of the complaint No. llwk34op dated August 16, 2016 filed by human rights NGO Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) regarding illegal detention, torture and human rights violations committed against peaceful Sikh Referendum Campaigners in Punjab India.


Victims are a group of Sikh individuals from Punjab, India who were actively and peacefully advocating the call given by SFJ to hold referendum for Sikhs' right to self determination and to liberate Indian Occupied Punjab. The demand for referendum is based on the right to self determination guaranteed by the UN Charter and International Convent on Civil and Political Rights on the basis that Sikhs are indigenous people of Punjab, with a separate and distinct religious, cultural and linguistic identity.


Sikh Referendum Campaigners were actively involved in "Referendum 2020" campaign by coordinating, participating and holding gatherings in the villages of Punjab to educate, promote and advocate the demand for Referendum.


On or about August 06-07, Indian police arbitrary arrested the referendum campaigners while they were gathering signatures on an online White House Petition launched by SFJ urging Obama administration's support for the liberation of Indian occupied Punjab, (See


Indian Police itself declared that Sikh campaigners have been arrested for "distributing referendum related material and T-Shirts". To justify its illegal actions, the police later imputed the false charges of "planning to carry out some terror activity" on the detained campaigners. (See


The detention of the campaigners in this case is carried out to stop and suppress the Sikh referendum campaign.


One of the detained Referendum Campaigner, Jaspreet Singh was hospitalized as a result of the custodial torture. See the news report and picture showing the detainee in the hospital bed. (


The illegal detention and custodial torture on the referendum campaigners is carried out by a team of Indian police officials headed by Lok Nath Angra, Inspector General (IG) of Punjab Police.


Ever since the campaign for "Referendum 2020" has been gaining momentum and popularity, the Indian government has been reacting with measures aimed at silencing the demand for referendum.


The illegal detention, custodial torture and framing of false terror charges against the Sikh Referendum Campaigners is being carried out in retaliation to lawful and democratic activity of demanding right to self determination which is guaranteed under International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and therefore the actions of Indian government violate Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


I urge the Human Rights Council to immediately take notice of pending complaint regarding the arbitrary detention and torture of Sikh Referendum Campaigners.



Sincerely yours,